Cleaning Questions:

Q: How long does it take to clean my home?

A: The time to clean will vary based on the overall condition of your home. Our pricing tool is 95% accurate, but in rare cases we will have to adjust the price estimate depending on the circumstance.


Q: What type of cleaning solutions does Pink Star use?

A: We only use the best quality cleaning solutions. We use Hillyard product lines that include glass cleaner, heavy duty bathroom cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, and hardwood floor cleaner. In addition, we use Seventh Generation green cleaning solutions for customers who prefer our green cleaning option. 100% of our product procurements are purchased through local merchants and wholesalers.


Q: Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

A: No, our cleaning teams come prepared with everything they need to service your home.


Q: Does the “pet fee” include cleaning up my pets waste?

A: No, the “pet fee” is for the added time needed to clean animal hair. Our teams do not clean feces, urine, vomit, or blood.


Q: Is there anything Pink Star will not clean?

A: Yes, our teams have been trained not to clean blood, feces, vomit or urine. This is primarily for safety reasons.


Q: Can I have Pink Star clean my home with my own solutions or supplies?

A: Yes, we will be more than happy to clean with any products you may prefer.


Q: How do I leave special instructions for the cleaning teams?

A: The most effective way is to inform us either in email form or via phone. Our field supervisor will then ensure your requests are communicated effectively.


Q: Do I need to do anything special for a move out clean?

A: Yes, our cleaning teams will need electricity and water to properly service your home.


Q: Can I request an appointment time?

A: We generally do not set appointment times. We do allow clients to set an earliest entry time. We will not show up before this time so we are not in your way in the morning. Pink Star will complete all work between the earliest entry time and 5:00pm.


Q: It is important to me that I am home while the cleaning teams are servicing my home. Is it possible to set an appointment time?

A: We usually do not set appointment times, but let us know and we will attempt to accommodate your request.


Q: How will Pink Star enter my home?

A: You are welcome to be home when we clean but most clients leave a key for us. During the communication process, we will ask where to find your key or how to properly have access to your home. If we are unable to enter your home, Pink Star will charge a $20 dollar lockout fee to cover our travel time.


Q: Will the same team always service my home?

A: Yes, most of the time the same team will be servicing your home. That said, heavy work schedules or illness might cause a different team to service your home.


Q: I am interested in obtaining your services on a weekly basis. How does this work?

A: You will be asked your frequency preferences during our communication process and you will be automatically scheduled indefinitely or until you communicate to us otherwise.


Q: How do I cancel my service?

A: You can stop whenever you like. Please email or call us.


Q: Can I change my day of cleaning after initially requesting service.

A: Absolutely. We have flexible scheduling and we can usually accommodate any changes.


Q: Does Pink Star offer same day service?

A: Yes, we usually are able to accommodate this type of request.


Billing and Pricing


Q: I know Pink Star needs a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel my scheduled cleaning service. What happens if I forget to communicate this?

A: We will administer a $20 rescheduling fee for having to rebalance our teams workloads at last minute.


Q: Why is a “one-time” cleaning more expensive than a recurring cleaning?

A: Generally, it takes longer to adequately service a home one-time than on a recurring basis. Also, we like to provide discounted rates to our recurring customers.


Q: When is payment required?

A: Payments for cleaning services are required at the time services are rendered.


Q: What type of payment methods do you accept?

A: We gladly accept checks, debit, and credit cards.