How We Ensure Quality

Delivering high quality maid services is at the core of our business. The following list helps explain how we maintain the highest quality in our industry.

  1. Quality Control Inspector: Our Quality Control Inspectors exist to ensure the highest quality standards in our industry. They follow behind our cleaning teams to verify our teams are always meeting the Pink Star Quality Standard.
  2. Customer Communication Loop: We value transparency in our service delivery model. To that end, this is how our Customer Communication Loop works:
    • First, you will receive a detailed explanation of your cleaning request and an explanation of everything we will do while cleaning your home.
    • Second, you will receive an email reminder before we come for each of your scheduled cleaning visits. This will help you remember if you need to leave a key for our cleaning teams.
    • Lastly, you will receive a feedback email that provides our customers a vehicle in which to candidly rate their service experience. We will retain all of the compliments and criticisms in your customer file and use them to continually provide you with better service.
  3. Our 24 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee: Simply put, if we did not exceed your expectations just let us know within 24 hours and we will correct any issues.